Faculty of Al-Alsun discusses the novel "Guardian of Divine Love" in the first activities of the Book Club

The novelist Adham Al-Aboudi, author of the book "The Guardian of Divine Love," said that it took a great time to gather sources and research in several different times to follow the life of Galal Eldin Al-Roumi as a scholar before the establishment of Mawlawi and Sufism; to monitor the reality of a life history in his novel. It relied on tracking the unknown history and monitoring the large time gaps in his personality.

This came during a cultural symposium organized by the Department of English at Al Alsun College, Ain Shams University, to discuss the novel "The Guardian of Divine Love" under the patronage of Dr. Mona Fouad, Dean of the Faculty. In the framework of the first activities of the book club, which the Department organizes it periodically, in the presence of Prof. Dr. Fadwa Kamal, head of the department, writer Mustafa Mounir, and a number of faculty members and the support body and a large number of students.

He added that during studying the life of the scientist Galal Eldin Al-Rumi in different times. He noticed that his father is the scientist Bahaa Balkhi; where Al-Rumi family was forced to flee from Balkh when the Mongols invaded it heading to Nishapur. There, Galal Eldin met with the great poet Farid Al-Din Al-Attar, who gave him his poems "Secrets of Nama". The young man was affectionate, after reading the poems, with Sufism and poetry together.

In the end, the audience discussed with the author of the novel about the events of the novel and how his perceptions about the life of Galal Eldin Al- Rumi and the evocation of some of the positions shown by the writer in his novel. They emphasized the pillars of the art of Adham Al-Aboudi, namely love, history, language and how to deal with each of them through the novel.

  • Oct 29, 2018