New Appointments at Ain Shams University

The Minister of Higher Education, Dr. Khaled Abdul Ghaffar, issued a decree appointing Mr. Mohamed Fathi Mustafa Al-Khatib as Director General of Procurement at Ain Shams University for one year starting from 26/1/2019.

The appointment of Mrs. Nahed Mustafa Hamouda as Director General of the Office of Vice President for Postgraduate Studies and Mr. Imad Abdul Tawab Mohammed Ahmed as Director General of the Office of the Secretary of the University was renewed for a year ending on 13/10/2019.

Dr. Abdul Ghaffar issued a decision to renew the appointment of Prof. Dr. Mohamed Ali as Secretary of the Faculty of Agriculture, Director General of the University for a year ending on 18/10/2019.

  • Dec 13, 2018