Opening of the 23rd Conference on Crisis Research at the Faculty of Commerce

Prof. Dr. Mohammed Moait Minister of Finance and Prof. Dr. Hussein Issa, Chairman of the Committee on Planning and Budget in the House of Representatives and Prof. Dr. Nazmi Abdel-Hamid Vice-President of Ain Shams University Khalid Qadri, Dean of the Faculty of Commerce, Ain Shams University, opened the 23rd Annual Conference on Crisis Research organized by the Faculty of Commerce.

In his speech, Prof. Dr. Mohammed Muait praised the role of Ain Shams University in establishing scientific foundations and solutions to confront the crises of Egyptian and Arab society, stressing that scientific and academic research is the basis on which practical solutions should be based on any problem. The original focal point drives and serves practical life.

He stressed that the experiences possessed by our professors and scientists are the basis that should benefit young people to start to solve the problems of society.

For his part, Prof. Dr. Nazmi Abdel Hamid, said that the Crisis Research Unit of the Faculty of Commerce is the first of its kind, whose main objective is to examine the crises of society through the participation of students and researchers.

He stressed that there is keenness on community outreach and support for the children of society, and contribute to building the awareness of students and researchers in order to make them have clear views. As well as making them qualified for decision-making, he said "It is not a shame to admit that Egypt has many crises, but it is a shame to look for solutions to these crises, and officials should exploit the recommendations of this conference and its research to start solving some of these problems."

Prof. Dr. Hussein Issa praised the conference, which is being held for the 23rd time since the establishment of the Crisis Research Unit in the faculty, which reflects the effectiveness and success of the unit in achieving the goals for which it was established and to continue to play its role despite all the conditions witnessed by Egyptian society during the years following the January revolution. The role of the recommendations of the conference in providing radical solutions to some of the thorny crises in society.

Prof. Dr. Amani pointed out that the conference includes six meetings during which a number of issues will be discussed, including the mortgage issue 2008, and the reasons and proposals for avoiding them in Egypt will be discussed by 2019 during the first session and discuss the impact of herd behavior on the dividends during the second session. In addition to discussing the accounting standards and financial crises during the third session, in addition to discussing the environmental review and its importance to apply it during the fourth session, then discussing the main reasons for the financial crises and moral crises during the fifth session. At the end of the meetings, the deficit of the Egyptian public budget and its impact on private investment and growth Economic aspects with the role of commercial banks in financing small projects and exploring ways of administrative ownership and public indebtedness of the state.


  • Nov 28, 2018