National Security and Building the Egyptian Character in a Seminar at the Faculty of Law

Nile Media Center in Cairo, affiliated to the General Authority for Information in coordination and cooperation with the Faculty of Law, Ain Shams University, organized a cultural symposium titled "National Security and Building the Egyptian Character" at the grand conferences hall in the Faculty of Commerce. This was within the framework of the definition of the risks of the challenges facing the Egyptian and Arab national security at the current stage and raising awareness and education among young people.

Major General Staff of the war Mahmoud Khalifa and Maj. Gen. Mohamed Abdel Wahed, national security expert, attended the seminar. Mr. Ahmed Naked, director of Nile Media Center in Cairo, moderated the seminar.

Prof. Dr. Nagi Abdul Moumen, Dean of the Faculty of Law, expressed his great pleasure in hosting the experts of the Egyptian National Strategy and Security to educate the youth about what has been plagued with their homeland since the eruption of the January Revolution to the June 30 revolution. It showed that Egypt is in a comprehensive confrontation with multiple threats to its national security and that the biggest burden lies with the Egyptian armed forces, which is basically the first line of defense for Egyptian national security. He pointed out that all threatens the entity of Egypt is national security, and expressed his full confidence in this generation able to face difficulties.

During the seminar, Maj. Gen. Mohamed Abdel Wahid discussed the current developments in the internal political arena and the use of "soft power", which is the ability to dominate and control the cultural and ideological capabilities of the target party. It involves an indirect coercion and obligation to change and influence public opinion, without showing the identity of the perpetrator because the primary objective is the process of change. It can be defined as "the ability of a party to influence and attract the other party without resorting to any form of violence, on the objectives or outcomes sought by one Party"

The General Staff of the war, Mahmoud Khalifa, explained that the dimensions of the threats and challenges of national security and the wars of the fourth generation and some of the achievements made during the recent period in the country.

The Maj. Gen. referred to the importance of this meeting in line with the youth conferences that were held in the presence of the President of the Republic. It also represents a moral meeting and communication and spreading awareness to our youth and talk in the language of the complete facts, abstract from all viewpoints. He stressed that the youth of Egypt are targeted from outside the invasion of minds, the war of rumors, breaking the will, determination, division and despair, and that this seminar comes to be a wall against the facts and facts against the lies that threaten the national security of Egypt.

He pointed out that these countries have taken some mechanisms to achieve these goals, including creative chaos and the use of soft power policy, the fourth generation wars, media and cultural forces and the policy of double standards. He stressed that the current political leadership has established the independence of the Egyptian national decision, which is contrary to the interests of some foreign countries.

He added that the strength of the Egyptian army enabled him to occupy the tenth position worldwide by diversifying the sources of armament superior to many major countries. He called on the youth of Egypt to stand by the state and preserve its capabilities that some aspiring are trying to waste and control.

The seminar ended with the following recommendations:

• Many of these seminars are held to educate youth

• To announce the competition for the best search for Egyptian national security and to select the winners of the best research to participate in the World Youth Forum next year with one of the most important books issued by the State Information Service.

At the end of the seminar, Prof. Dr. Nagi Abdul Moumen honored HE Major General Mahmoud Khalifa and Major General Mohamed Abdel Wahid and Mr. Mohammed Naked the award of the shield of the Memorial University.

  • Nov 28, 2018