The Authority of "Science, Technology and Innovation" launches an urgent appeal to counter the Corona virus (Covid-19)

Dr. Khalid Abdel Ghaffar, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, announced the launch of an urgent research appeal on Thursday, March 26 this year, and continues until April 9 for all researchers, to submit projects to confront the pandemic of the emerging corona virus (Covid-19), provided that research It is required to apply in the fields of medicine, pharmacy, medical supplies, public health and information technology.

Dr. Emad Hegazi, CEO of the Science, Technology and Innovation Funding Authority, explained that the progress of projects is done on the authority’s website on the International Information Network He not that the authority has allocated an amount of 2 million pounds to finance one project, in addition to supporting and encouraging the progress of any number of concerted bodies Together, to maximize chances of success.

Project progress includes several research areas:

  1. In the medical field:
  • Developing a fast and cheap virus detector to determine whether a person needs isolation or not.
  • Adjust existing medications to alleviate the disease and reduce the number of deaths.
  • Control the Egyptian protocol for treating cases.
  1. In the field of pharmacy:
  • Redirect available medications as a virus treatment.
  • Development of a vaccine against the virus.
  1. In the field of medical supplies:
  • Production of protective masks, sterile clothing and hand gloves.
  • Production of respirators.
  • Air purifiers for insulation places.
  1. Public Health:
  • Develop a solution to sterilize places and re-sterilize the masks for recycling.
  • Study the severity of exposure to infection in offices by analyzing air samples.
  1. Information Technology:
  • Create smart phone applications to monitor the spread of the virus.
  • Create a large data platform to analyze virus monitoring data and determine the speed of its spread in different regions.
  • Mar 31, 2020